Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sadness in SILENCE

Sadness in SILENCE
everybody get sad when he is not in or out of his way to something…..
one’s said that SPIRIT is not run-out because of the over_use but the under_use…… For me it is quite right, considering that you will find that the SPIRIT-ed people will become more interested in something day by day than the LaZy one…. (they will keep deteroriate as time goes…)
And so in Management skill, Human resources that is seldom being asked for ’special’ work will only do his monotonous ‘RUT’ ,then he may feel the boredom of work ,in the aftermath, he will send his resignation to his boss….. because for most people, ’special’ work is more than an APPRECIATION words from his boss. by doing it, he may think of being Apreciated and MOtivated more and more. More appreciation you give more result will you have……..
The main problem is, most people will have no protest towards his boss and just keep doing his ‘rut’ until the boredom come and force him to send the resignation. People are used to keeping his SILENCE before it blast in magnificent explotion. More crazy if the BOSS himself just do all his JOB for getting a higher POSITION from the other higher boss…. ( for sure it is happening in your environment.. espc. the un-professional job field…)
The company used to train ONLY their good resources. the one that shine a bit will be chosen being the Trainee and then may have the offer for a ’special’ job. The other will be singled out and kept by the company as a SLAVE. slave that only do what the company want with a low appreciation and alary. This is how the JuSTICE won’t work. It is undisputeable that one and another human has different TALENT give by God. For sure, i found some people has a TALENT to make themselves SHINE, make himslef looks good with a lot of factor such as ECONOMY, SOCIAL, FAMILY. and the other has to work HARDER and HARDER with him ’sufficient’ talent to make himself SHINE so that ‘BOSS’ may out a little attention in it while the other can do it in a wink. Most ‘Boss’ only want to have the SHINE-ed one and waste the un-SHINE-ed one away….. ironic but reality says so……..
Till here i can say that this kind of ENVIOUS is no longer considered as envy but can be said as a sadness. a Sadness in silence……..
This Syndrome not only attack the lower or middle grader RESOURCES…sometimes, the Upper grader resources also do suffer this. e.g , the social responsibility (as if it were)department’s manager in some company obviously will be ignored because it is the economic law that company will put most of his attention maybe in the PRODUCTON or MARKETING department manager. in this case we can feel how sad (or maybe the words envi will also suitable) the social res. manager is…
For some people life seems an easy games to play on. But other may say that it is a SHIP that should be saild in a HARDSHIP.the hardship one can be catagorized as ‘the forgotten’ , ‘the over-thinker’, NEED to put a FLAVOUR in your life…. TAKE an ACTION towards your condition (it is not a FATE), prepare for the worst condition …. Try to think as positive as you can…….
if you are accustomed to feeling the hardship, you will enjoy the PLEASURE more and more…
If you are accustomed to feeling the PLEASURE, once you fallen, HARDSHIP will be hard to you….
my other self….. please HELP me take a CHOICE in this cross-ROAd….
To leave or to stay…. to help or to ignore….. to protest or to silnce….

Friday, October 3, 2008

DESIRE in my Life....

I do Believe that... in my life span..i'm gonna realize and feel these excitement with my only one...
'It's my Dream... and Dreams is a key for us to conquer the WORLD...'

Places which are going to be visited:
- Venice
- Ireland
- Paris
- Rome
- Japan
- New Zealand
- Greece
- Cambridge University

Things I love to have:
- Mini Cooper !
- Lee Mansion
- Venus de Milo ;p

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mario Bros.

Ah... this picture remind me when i was little kid...
Playing with MARIO the plumber... smashing the germs and COOPER's army...
As Italiano, Mario eats MUSHROOMs to grow bigger....
ah.... i used to play games...

Everything has a BEGINNING...

When Learning about walking (for the first time) i fell on and on until my foot can step properly into the ground....

the same happened in swimming, when i started, i was drown frequently befor i can float in the water..

While learning about fraction (for the first time) at preliminary math, i was punished frequently because of my unability solve the simple fraction operation ( damn it + thx Mr. Linus). For now, fraction is easy to be solve.

(for the first time) i learn how to PRINT, my paper was always jammed inside the printer (don't know why>.....). As a result, Mrs. Yolanda often pinch my ear for my inability. But, printer is quite an ease for me now.

(for the first time) When i'm trying to be the school's debating team, the coach always put me in the BENCH and keep me watching others doing the brainstorming and speech. Later on with the hardship, i collect some trophies from high school debating...
Every time can always be the beginning for any person (me included). Some ever said that "It's a bit hard for the first time". the law in this universe is "yes, there will always be the first time" but "its also people's right to take or not to take that 'first time' ". For me, i'm the want that want to take that time and learn something again and again from that 'first time'.

Nervous, rush, confusion and uncertainty most likely be the common symptoms for the 'first time'... what i believe is, UNIVERSE will FOLLOW and help u to deal with this 'first time' symptoms. To be sure, we can enjoy this symptoms... sometimes can be nervous is joyful :)

Come to the time, when competition always happens everywhere... Can the first timer compete with the experienced ? I'm trying to find the answer about this. For me, when first timer lost to experienced, it's not a 100% really a LOST. In otherwise, it's a good time to learn. To be out leveled is common things in competition, but to be out leveled is also a good time to extract the experience from those who won upon us....

the most important things i learn somehow in this 'kind' of defeat is.... defeated by the experience (for u the 'first timer') is not meant that u are a silly little slacker. It's just about time, they just start earlier that u are. By the time u learn and learn, it's very feasible for u to take the superiority upon those 'used to be' more-experienced than us...

so...START...LEARN...LEARN...LEARN...and LEARN until your ability surpass the sky.... and re-LEARN again.... Wise man said that "to LIFE is to LEARN"....

a little defeat in the START point can make u jump into the FINISH line faster than anybody i fu want to LEARN and STRIVE to fight your competitor....



" YOU cannot be anything u want to be -- but YOU can be a lot more of who YOU already are. "

That is the quote that smack my mind a bit. Being a SUPERMAN is an ideal dream that everybody want to be. So do i, i want to be a kind of SUPER-HUMAN. An athletic body, smarty, perssuasive, motivator, and so on the good things in this shortlife, (you name it !). A blaaady difficult things to possess, I forced to realized that i have limit and SUPERMAN don't. At the end, it burns my mind finding that i can't really be that superman. Actually for most people ( i assume u are one of the most people), SUPERMAN is just a concept...

Gladly i found the STRENGHT FINDER 2.0, a book completed with GALLUP's online test that may provide a clear picture and explanation about your TOP 5 STRENGTHs. With completing the online test, GALLUP will analyze our STRENGTHs and give us the TOP 5 STRENGTHs based on their calculation. GALLUP's difine human's strengths into 34 themes such as: Achiever, activator, adaptability, analytival, arranger, belief, command, communication, competition, connectedness, consistency, context, deliberative, developer, discipline, empathy, focus, futuristic, harmony, ideation, includer, individualization, input, intelection, learner, maximizer, positivity, relator, responsibility, restorative, self-assurance, significance, strategic, woo..

Then, after find out your BEST 5, what should u do is just DEVELOP those STRENGTHS... (keep it simple and easy) . The bad things is T_T, it spent us 22$. Moreover, extra effort is needed in finding this handy book. (AK.SA.RA bookstore is my suggestion). :)

Remember, u can't be EVERYTHING ,but be BEST in what u good at is an realistic things to reach and can MAXIMALIZE your buried potential. By reading this book, i found that i'm not a SUPERMAN all the way, but i can be super at what i'm good at. AND i'm on that path to be super in what i am.

Anyway, this is my TOP 5: :)

P.s: Thx for Shuhaela, my beloved SPA Chief that recommend this book to me. :)

"HIDUP ELA !!! Ella ella e e e .."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Sky and th Earth

If I were the rain
That joins sky and earth that otherwise never touch
Could I join two hearts as well?

Somethings are easy to be expressed, otherwise the other things are extremely difficult even to share with. I feel like to be the rain, that can joining sky and earth that has d extreme gap between them. On my view, i see rain as a profound 'letter' from sky that tears to send his MESSAGE towards his unreached beloved earth.

Joining the two unreached is achievement. Sky is a lonely shape of nature, while earth is cheerful one. When Earth is fulfilled with 'people gathering' ; 'cute green field' ; 'eye-shocking mountain' ; 'massive forestry that give livin for animel'. Sky is just a 'lonely' that will only see 'CLOUD' that blurred his eye towards d beauty of EARTH and d 'flying bird' that unconsistently fly back and sit in d beauty of earth.
Earth and Sky often work together in that great distance. Earth give d land for farming, Sky give it's waters for irrigating.but Earth is somewhat joyful, when farmers success in d harvest, they will hail to the Earth; When they Fail, they mock at d sky. Due to that circumstances, sky is somehow feel ashamed at himself and feel earth become more distant to reach. But still, to meet the Earth and to free himself from VOID is what sky wants.

Come to the 'crucial momento' sky is MISSING earth so hard that sometimes he 'storm' a lot in his void. He aware that "the worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside 'er , but knowing that u can't have 'er ". d sky stopped his 'over-storm' and call d WIND for mediation.
Wind come to the SKY and they talked about earth and sky relation. Wind is a handy creature that can fly up to the sky and fly down to d earth. But, a diabloical words hampered sky's ear after he known d phrase said bu the wind that 'when sky fall to the earth, APOCALYPSE happen.... (wind is not wrong, it's theoretical).
That's actually what happen between d sky and d Earth, they are aside but unjoined. Whan can d sky doing by now, is just keeping send his RAIN as a message towards th EARTH and wait for d 'time' for sky to meet d earth. Sky believe that there will be no apocalypse after their joining. what will happen will be d NEW WORLD of joining SKY and EARTH....

p.s : thx WIND, but sky do believe that apocalypse will never happen because sky has no bad intention to the EARTH, farmers, and everybody.... it's just sky's disire to stick close with the EARTH....

it's about, to be HERE....THERE and EVERYWHERE....(beside the EARTH)