Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sadness in SILENCE

Sadness in SILENCE
everybody get sad when he is not in or out of his way to something…..
one’s said that SPIRIT is not run-out because of the over_use but the under_use…… For me it is quite right, considering that you will find that the SPIRIT-ed people will become more interested in something day by day than the LaZy one…. (they will keep deteroriate as time goes…)
And so in Management skill, Human resources that is seldom being asked for ’special’ work will only do his monotonous ‘RUT’ ,then he may feel the boredom of work ,in the aftermath, he will send his resignation to his boss….. because for most people, ’special’ work is more than an APPRECIATION words from his boss. by doing it, he may think of being Apreciated and MOtivated more and more. More appreciation you give more result will you have……..
The main problem is, most people will have no protest towards his boss and just keep doing his ‘rut’ until the boredom come and force him to send the resignation. People are used to keeping his SILENCE before it blast in magnificent explotion. More crazy if the BOSS himself just do all his JOB for getting a higher POSITION from the other higher boss…. ( for sure it is happening in your environment.. espc. the un-professional job field…)
The company used to train ONLY their good resources. the one that shine a bit will be chosen being the Trainee and then may have the offer for a ’special’ job. The other will be singled out and kept by the company as a SLAVE. slave that only do what the company want with a low appreciation and alary. This is how the JuSTICE won’t work. It is undisputeable that one and another human has different TALENT give by God. For sure, i found some people has a TALENT to make themselves SHINE, make himslef looks good with a lot of factor such as ECONOMY, SOCIAL, FAMILY. and the other has to work HARDER and HARDER with him ’sufficient’ talent to make himself SHINE so that ‘BOSS’ may out a little attention in it while the other can do it in a wink. Most ‘Boss’ only want to have the SHINE-ed one and waste the un-SHINE-ed one away….. ironic but reality says so……..
Till here i can say that this kind of ENVIOUS is no longer considered as envy but can be said as a sadness. a Sadness in silence……..
This Syndrome not only attack the lower or middle grader RESOURCES…sometimes, the Upper grader resources also do suffer this. e.g , the social responsibility (as if it were)department’s manager in some company obviously will be ignored because it is the economic law that company will put most of his attention maybe in the PRODUCTON or MARKETING department manager. in this case we can feel how sad (or maybe the words envi will also suitable) the social res. manager is…
For some people life seems an easy games to play on. But other may say that it is a SHIP that should be saild in a HARDSHIP.the hardship one can be catagorized as ‘the forgotten’ , ‘the over-thinker’, NEED to put a FLAVOUR in your life…. TAKE an ACTION towards your condition (it is not a FATE), prepare for the worst condition …. Try to think as positive as you can…….
if you are accustomed to feeling the hardship, you will enjoy the PLEASURE more and more…
If you are accustomed to feeling the PLEASURE, once you fallen, HARDSHIP will be hard to you….
my other self….. please HELP me take a CHOICE in this cross-ROAd….
To leave or to stay…. to help or to ignore….. to protest or to silnce….

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